I’m courageously launching a speaking ministry

I remember the moment as if it were yesterday.  I was at a prayer meeting at my church.   For many years I went to a Friday morning prayer meeting, dragging along my homeschooling kids with their backpacks full of workbooks.  And now the children were entering high school.  I looked at them, and me, and them, and me, wondering what “me” would look like after “them.” What would I do when they left home?

God spoke to me three things, and like a good little type A personality, I made a list:
1) Become a trained Precept Inductive Bible study teacher
2) Attend “She Speaks,” the Proverbs 31 Ministries conference for speakers, leaders, and writers; and
3) Learn Spanish.speaking ministry

The first two were easier to do than the last one!  I am now a trained Precept Bible study teacher, I attended She Speaks, y hablo un poco de espanol.

At the time that I made the list, the future seemed so far away, but now it has overtaken me.  My children are both in college, and my nest is now empty. During these years, God has steadily been preparing me for a speaking ministry.

A speaking ministry.  I still feel a huge ball of nerves in my chest just saying that out loud.  A speaking ministry.  Who, me?

For the last few years, I’ve taken all of the necessary baby steps of faith and obedience.  I have a blog.  I’m on Facebook.  I have professional portraits, business cards, and not one but two mentors.  I have professionally-filmed video footage and speaking topics and endorsements.   I have a speaker biosheet that took me ten months to finalize.

In a wild and scary step of faith for me, I’ve mailed 100 postcards to local churches sharing my desire to come and speak to their ladies groups.  Now all I need is for the phone to ring.  Or for the email to ding.

I’ve done everything that God has asked me to do. Sometimes, kicking and screaming.  Often, scared to death.  I’ve worked hard, and at this point there is nothing more that I can do but wait until He moves on someone’s heart to contact me.  I don’t mind the meantime as long as I get to stay in my jammy pants.

I feel that I have much to offer hurting women.  I have a message to tell that them they are not alone in their struggles.   I just need an opportunity to offer it.  I know that in time, it will happen.  Until then, my girls, I will keep sharing what I have to offer with you via this blog.  I’m so thankful for you, and every word of encouragement that you have spoken or emailed along this journey.  You have helped me to not give up.

That said, enjoy my three minute Speaker Demo.

And if you feel led, please forward this email to YOUR ladies ministry leader and let her know about my speaking ministry.   Who knows, she may be the one who discovers me!





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