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Lisa is a passionate speaker and Bible teacher whose honesty about her weaknesses refreshes women and gives them hope.  What makes her unique is her God-given calling to be transparent. She courageously shares publicly what everyone else is thinking but no one is willing to say, giving her audience the gift of “Me, too.”

Through admitting her own weakness, brokenness, and failures, she helps women realize they are not alone in their struggle. She strengthens women with the truth that weakness does not disqualify them but that God can powerfully use them in the midst of their messy lives.  She helps women to overcome the despair of broken dreams by embracing the hope that God isn’t finished with them yet.

A She Speaks graduate, Lisa has a perky personality and a fun sense of humor.  She is a seasoned speaker, ladies ministry leader, and a Precepts Bible study teacher.  Lisa’s lessons will allow your group to encounter the heart of God as you dig deeper into His Word. Her relatable messages minister across generations, motivating young women while also tenderly connecting with seasoned believers.

Lisa has been married to Brian for over 20 years.  A nuclear engineer by training, she home schooled her two children, including her son that has autism.  Lisa loves Pride and Prejudice, Chapstick, and taking long afternoon naps with her stuffed bunny rabbit, Jessie.

Lisa is an inspiring speaker who motivates her audience to grow in truth. Her inner strength and vulnerability encourage her audience to make positive changes. She captures and holds everyone’s attention with a message full of depth and creativity.

Heather Arnold
Pastor, Global River Church,
Wilmington, NC

Lisa’s teaching blessed me deep within my soul. It convicted me and inspired me to surrender to God my all! She is willing to be teachable and transparent.

Laurie Kepcke
Lighthouse30Counseling & Oakland Baptist Church, King George, VA

Lisa’s transparency really spoke to me…many things she shared were speaking directly to me. She is a great communicator.

Heather Jones
Every Nation Campus Missionary, Franklin, TN

Lisa speaks with confidence and clarity….her listeners are drawn in and they resonate with her message. Lisa also expresses transparency when she speaks – this is a gift that separates the average speaker from gifted communicators.

Michael Thornton,
Founder, Ignite Ministries

Lisa’s message blessed me beyond words.  She described exactly where I am in my walk with Jesus.  I’m so thankful for her transparency.

Dana Hott
LifePoint Church, Wilmington, NC

When Lisa speaks to a crowd, she makes you feel she is sitting across the kitchen table talking directly to you. Lisa’s transparency has personally challenged my faith.

Joy Pirkel
Trinity Lutheran Church, Athens, GA

Knowing Lisa for more than 25 years, her story is truly God’s story … a story of how He can redeem and change a life that is truly surrendered to Him.  Lisa takes her listeners deep into a personal account of what daily walking with God is really like.

Nicole Holmes
Life Community Church


How life leads to Christlikeness

Life is full of ups and downs, blessings and trials.  Join Lisa on this journey of discovering how suffering produces spiritual maturity in our lives. Scripture reveals that if we will persevere through trials, we will be made like Jesus through the trial.  Filled with rich Biblical insights, this message will inspire you with the revelation that your struggles are not wasted, but good will come from them.

Do you feel “passed over?”

Comparison and competition have been a part of women’s lives forever.  Rachel and Leah were no different….Genesis describes Leah as having “weak eyes” but Rachel was “beautiful, beautiful.”  Even though one was preferred over the other, they both were instrumental in building the kingdom of God.  Drawing from rich Biblical teaching, Lisa will bring hope to women that feel “less than” or “passed over” when compared to another.

It’s okay to grieve…

All women struggle with broken dreams, heartbreaking situations, and losses. Lisa, too, has faced challenges in her journey of parenting a special needs son with autism. One key she has learned is that even when we are content and thankful, it’s okay to grieve. Through this powerful message, Lisa gives us permission to be honest about our circumstances  and helps us to find hope in the midst of our messy lives

What’s in your purse?

If your purse fell over, what would tumble out onto the floor?  As Lisa shares the hidden things in her life by displaying the contents of her purse, women will find hope as they see that no one is perfect.  All women have flaws and imperfections that they hide from others. Lisa’s vulnerability breaks down walls of religion and perfectionism and will usher in new freedom in the lives of women. This message will bring connection and community to your women’s group.

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Jesus laid aside his privileges for us from Lisa Moore on Vimeo.

You may be called, and gifted, but you won’t be anointed if you are jealous 2 minute clip from Lisa Moore on Vimeo.

Jesus laid aside his privileges for us from Lisa Moore on Vimeo.

God’s Power is Perfected in Weakness one minute clip from Lisa Moore on Vimeo.

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