My Thanksgiving Thoughts and our Giveaway Winner

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to take a moment on this special day to share how I am thankful for you.  To be honest, when I started this blog a year ago, I was doing it because I had to.  The people “in the know” told me that if I ever wanted to have a speaking ministry, I had to “build a platform” and a blog was the backbone for that platform.  So I started this blog, but I really wasn’t that into it.  I didn’t know then what this blog, and you, would mean to me.


During the past year as we’ve been together, blogging has become something that fulfills me.  And it is certainly not because I enjoy writing (English was ALWAYS my worst subject) but it is because of YOU.  During this year, as you’ve commented, emailed, and interacted with me on Facebook, I’ve come to care about you.  As you’ve shared your struggles with me, I’ve prayed for you and I’ve hurt for you.  All of you.

Life is hard, but we are in this together.  With a common hope that the goodness of God will ultimately prevail, we share a sisterhood.   I have enjoyed getting to know you this year and carrying your burdens with you.  You have surely carried mine, too, as I have shared them in my posts.  Your compassion and love have touched my heart.

When I am feeling low and it seems like nothing is fun, I work on this blog.  I write.  I set up posts.  I think about what to publish next.  I’m often scared about the deep dark secret of mine that I will reveal next.  But is fulfilling because I am passionate about creating a community among women where we can be honest about our lives.   I want a community where comparison does not keep us apart because we see that none of us has it together yet.  I want a community where we aren’t afraid of sharing a weakness or confessing a sin.  This is my heart.  This is what drives me.  This is why I share my darkest secrets and sin.

For us.  For this community of women.  For authenticity.  For truth.

So on this Thanksgiving, as I thank God for my family and friends and all of His blessings in my life, I also thank Him for you, my dear readers.  You are all special to me.  Thank you for being a part of my life, even from afar.  Thank you for being a part of our Celebrating Weakness community.  Thank you for being brave and sharing your real life with me.  I love you.

PS I announced a note card giveaway back in the summer for when I reached 100 blog subscribers, and we finally made it!  My daughter chose a number randomly, and the box of note cards goes to Deanna Ham!  Deanna, I will email you to get your address. 









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