“I’m sorry, God, but this is not what I ordered!”

I love good customer service.  Recently I was in Costco and I had left some ink cartridges for them to refill.  There was a miscommunication, and somehow my four ink cartridges were thrown away.  The technician insisted on “making it right.”  He sent me to the ink cartridge aisle and instructed me to choose new cartridges to replace the missing ones.  This was great customer service.

Customer ServiceImagine a customer service counter in heaven.  I’m sure that it is covered in gleaming gold, with nary a fingerprint to be seen on the counter.  Behind it stands glowing angels ready to assist customers.  And there are a lot of angels so we don’t have to stand in line for long!  There is soft praise music playing, candles for a welcoming ambiance, and an essential oil diffuser to perfume the room.  This customer service center wants to truly value and serve their customers.


I almost made it through Harris Teeter without crying

I got out of the car, smiling and hopeful.  I faced the looming giant in front of me and determined that today I would not cry in that vast place.   I would not cry in front of John the produce manager.   I would not longingly look at the floor in the peanut butter aisle and want to curl up there in the fetal position.  I would not wish that the pharmacist was a therapist.  I would not end up crying with the cashier in the midst of checking out.  I faced the giant courageously like David faced Goliath.  I was determined that today I would not cry in Harris Teeter.

Harris_Teeter_Central_Avenue_CharlottePhoto Credit: Wikipedia