Three good reasons to be thankful for weakness

“At some point in life, we must come to know who we are, like who we are, and be who we are.” – Lloyd Penley

I received this message on a beautiful Saturday morning via Facebook from an older, wiser pastor.  It challenged me.  It made me think about who I am, and if I like that person.  I’m blessed that in general, I like who I am.  I think I’m fun, humorous, creative, and a good friend.  But then I began to think about the part of me that gets her feelings hurt easily and who avoids conflict like the plague.  I began to think about my weakness.  I don’t like that part of me.


A shower encounter that creates a thankful heart

The shower is a very spiritual experience, isn’t it?   Our stinky dirty bodies climb into the shower and we emerge smelling like the morning dew.  As we stand in the shower we are washed by clean water. It is like a fresh baptism every morning.  Well, only if there is hot water.  Piping hot water.  Because if there isn’t hot water, there is a problem.  The problem is that a frustrated, irritated person now has to take a cold shower.  And cold showers aren’t for ninnies.ColdShower