We are driven by a relentless pursuit of peace…

Surrounded by towering pines and hardwoods, I’m safe in the embrace of nature. Its 50 degrees outside in June, so I’m ensconced in three layers of clothing and a warm blanket. The steam from my coffee rises to greet my nose and its heat warms my hands. The birds are singing in the trees and the sun is rising, highlighting the towering mountain in the distance. I could sit on this screened porch in the mountains forever.

But there is a discontent in my heart that disturbs the perfect peace that surrounds me.

Even though I have a beautiful home and a lovely garden and amazing friends in my coastal hometown of Wilmington, NC, I don’t want to live there. I want to live here, in the serene mountains of North Carolina.

My heart longs for the peace that I feel here.


Don’t let your sinful heart build a wall between God & you

I’ve felt separated from God lately.  I know from experience that my feelings of *space* between us is not because God has moved away from me, but because I have moved away from God.  I’ve not purposely set out to put distance between God and me, but it is happened over time.  And as I examine my life to figure out why I feel this distance, there can only be one answer: