How a $50 gift card, given begrudgingly, led to my freedom

The last few months of my life have been filled with some emotional drama.  Conflict that I have had with trusted friends led to my heart being broken.  In my brokenness, I wanted to give up.  Everything.  At times, even my life.  Every day I would hound heaven with questions, trying to understand why I was so broken emotionally.  I sought the Lord for His help and deliverance from this place of unrelenting sadness.



Reluctantly confronting my Facebook fears

Facebook and I have had a rocky relationship which can be described as me shunning and abhorring Facebook. For those of you who were willing and eager to join Facebook, that may be hard for you to understand. I am a reluctant and unenthusiastic Facebooker. I joined two days ago, kicking and screaming.

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