Am I the only one who is always struggling?

Some people make life look easy.  They face their hard days with smiles on their faces. They shepherd their large families with contented hearts.  They stare down cancer diagnoses with great faith. They handle rejection by leaning on God.  The way they carry themselves and face trials is admirable.

When I look at myself in comparison, well, I’m not weathering life’s storms with as much grace, faith, or strength.  Girls, I cry, a lot.  In the car.  On the floor curled up in the fetal position.  At the doctor’s office.  With my friends.  During worship. And at Harris Teeter.  I am personally responsible for the financial security of the Kleenex Corporation.



I almost made it through Harris Teeter without crying

I got out of the car, smiling and hopeful.  I faced the looming giant in front of me and determined that today I would not cry in that vast place.   I would not cry in front of John the produce manager.   I would not longingly look at the floor in the peanut butter aisle and want to curl up there in the fetal position.  I would not wish that the pharmacist was a therapist.  I would not end up crying with the cashier in the midst of checking out.  I faced the giant courageously like David faced Goliath.  I was determined that today I would not cry in Harris Teeter.

Harris_Teeter_Central_Avenue_CharlottePhoto Credit: Wikipedia