Can someone else do your job better than you?

I stood with my eyes open during praise and worship and watched everything going on around me.  I should have been focused on God and singing with joy, but my mind was distracted by the women around me.  They were hugging on each other, prophesying over each other, and down on the floor in tears together.  And I was standing there, alone, with really no desire to be doing any of those things at that moment.

Which is a problem since I am the Ladies Ministry Leader at my church.



I’m sorry, God, but I don’t want my calling

We had done it!  My insides jiggled with joy as I sat and looked at the women who had gathered for the Beth Moore Simulcast.  They laughed, they cried, they hugged, they sighed.  The teaching gave each woman a huge dose of desperately needed hope.  I was so proud of the team of women who had come to together to make it happen.

I was exhilarated but I was also exhausted.  I was the leader – the head honcho – the woman in charge.