When God doesn’t “restore your soul” immediately

My family traveled to the mountains for Mother’s Day weekend.  When I looked at the rental website, I saw a cottage that was by a lake.  The pictures looked so peaceful and my overwhelmed soul longed for the peace that I saw in the lakeside beauty.  I quickly made a deposit and signed the rental agreement.   And then I looked forward with anticipation to sit by the tranquil lakeside, longing for the peace that it possessed.

“He leads me by still waters.  He restores my soul.” Psalm 23:2

restore your soul


Right now, in the presence of God, Jesus is praying for you

Let’s start with honesty.  I have a broken heart.  For weeks, my heart has hurt.  At times, literally hurt.  Looking at my life, it’s hard to see why.  My children are healthy, my marriage is sound, and the bills are paid.  But lately I have encountered a lot of conflict with people.  I’ve been the subject of gossip, I’ve been hurt by trusted friends, and treasured relationships are in tatters. My heart is in tatters, too.  Broken heart

It is hard to admit, but in defense of those who have hurt me, some of this is probably my fault.   I’ve probably made some mistakes.  But I’ve been following God’s leading to the best of my ability.  I am sure there are things I could have done and said better.  And I wish I had done it better.  I’m left with a heart that is broken and friendships that are shredded to pieces like confetti.   Jesus!