Survey shows overwhelmingly that we are overwhelmed.

At the end of 2015, I asked you to complete a survey. I now have 80+ blog subscribers (which sounds like a small number, but to me it is a lot).  You, dear women are my flock, and I want to write content that ministers to you.   You very bravely shared with me your desires and your struggles.  A month has passed and I have not been able to get that survey out of my mind and my prayers.


Some parts of the survey were  very encouraging.  Eighty percent of you want to know how to live a life surrendered to God.  My silly mind says, “When I figure that one out, I’ll let you know.” But I know that God is pleased that you want to learn and grow in this area. Growing in surrender is usually not very fun because we have to let go of things, but it is rewarding as we grow closer to God through the process.

surveyYou also want to know more about how to study your Bible.  Of course this excited my heart since I am a Bible teacher!  I truly enjoy studying my Bible and teaching others how to study their Bibles.  I am seeking the Lord about how to pass this knowledge on to you, my readers.  You may see some blog posts or videos on this topic in the future.

survey What broke my heart was the response to the question, “What emotions do you often feel?”  Thirty percent of you feel depressed.  One third of you feel overlooked and misunderstood.  And a whopping 70% of you feel overwhelmed.  My eyes fill with tears as I imagine you, in your homes, feeling these emotions.  I wish I were there to hug you and love on you and help you feel better.

OverwhelemdI think some would blithely say, “Well, you should not feel that way because the Bible says blah blah blah.”  But, sweet readers, that is not my perspective at all.  I think my proper response is to acknowledge that you do feel that way.  I’m so sorry that you feel these emotions.  And I’m asking God how to pastor and minister to  women that feel depressed, misunderstood, and overlooked.

And overwhelmingly overwhelmed.

If my heart breaks for you, and many of you are strangers to me, imagine how God must feel about you.  If I care, then surely He cares. If I am crying, then surely He is crying. If I want to make things better for you, then He does, too.

He, after all, has you engraved on the palms of His hand (Isaiah 49:16).  I only have you signed up for my blog.

HE CARES.  He cares about every emotion that you are experiencing, whether you are stressed out or lonely, feeling guilty or worthless.  Depressed, overlooked, misunderstood, or overwhelmed.  He loves you so much and He cares.

So I’m praying, dear friends, about how to write blog posts that ministers to you deep down in your soul, right where you are.  Will you pray for Holy Spirit to lead me?

For now, just know that your Heavenly Father and I care.

We really do.



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