Right now, in the presence of God, Jesus is praying for you

Let’s start with honesty.  I have a broken heart.  For weeks, my heart has hurt.  At times, literally hurt.  Looking at my life, it’s hard to see why.  My children are healthy, my marriage is sound, and the bills are paid.  But lately I have encountered a lot of conflict with people.  I’ve been the subject of gossip, I’ve been hurt by trusted friends, and treasured relationships are in tatters. My heart is in tatters, too.  Broken heart

It is hard to admit, but in defense of those who have hurt me, some of this is probably my fault.   I’ve probably made some mistakes.  But I’ve been following God’s leading to the best of my ability.  I am sure there are things I could have done and said better.  And I wish I had done it better.  I’m left with a heart that is broken and friendships that are shredded to pieces like confetti.   Jesus!


Yes, Jesus!  In this midst of this emotional roller coaster, I have learned to call on His name.   When my mind is swirling and my emotions are leading the charge and confusion clouds my vision, I stop and call on Jesus.

Can I trust her?  
Did she betray me?  
Why don’t they like me?

I have learned to stop my runaway thoughts and toxic emotions and call on His name.   Because I need Him to pray for me.  Now.  Right this second.

Hebrews 7:25 says that Jesus is able also to save forever those who draw near to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.

When you look up the word “always” in the Hebrew language, it means always.  When you look up the word “lives,” it means lives.

Jesus ALWAYS LIVES to make intercession for us. And intercession isn’t just a piddly prayer.  Intercession is going into God’s presence to entreat Him for answers for our problems.  It is getting between God and us when we blow it and we need mercy.  It is boldly getting in God’s face and earnestly pleading for help.

Yep.  Jesus’ full time job is sitting at the right hand of God and making intercession for us.  He always lives to do it.

I need it.
I need it bad.

What about you?
Do you need Jesus to make intercession for you, too?

Are you slogging through relational difficulties?
Are you weary and worn out?
Are your teenagers giving you fits?
Is your job demanding and thankless?
Are your medical bills mounting up?
Are you grieving the loss of your son?
Is your heart broken?
Do you need wisdom in decision making?


Jesus is praying for you.  You are not alone.  Jesus, sitting at the right hand of God, is getting answers for you.  He’s working things out for you.  He’s talking about you.

That encourages me today.  I can handle the conflict and the pain because my Savior, in heaven, is praying for me.  He’s praying for my broken heart to be healed.  And He is praying over your situation, too.

Be blessed.

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