What are people saying about Lisa?

Lisa is an inspiring speaker who motivates her audience to grow in truth. Her inner strength and vulnerability encourage her audience to make positive changes. She captures and holds everyone’s attention with a message full of depth and creativity.
Heather Arnold
Pastor, Global River Church, Wilmington, NC

An engineer by profession, Lisa is well prepared, speaks with clarity, and enhances her speaking with props.  Lisa is comfortable with transparency and her interpersonal skills makes it easy and fun to be engaged.
Keri Henderson
Global River Church, Wilmington, NC

Lisa’s teaching blessed me deep within my soul. It convicted me and inspired me to surrender to God my all! I am thankful that she is willing to be teachable and transparent.
Laurie Kepcke
Lighthouse30Counseling & Oakland Baptist Church, King George, VA

Lisa speaks with confidence and clarity….her listeners are drawn in and they resonate with her message. Lisa also expresses transparency when she speaks – this is a gift that separates the average speaker from gifted communicators.  I highly recommend her….
Michael Thornton,
Founder, Ignite Ministries

Lisa’s transparency really spoke to me…many things she shared were speaking directly to me. She is a great communicator.
Heather Jones
Every Nation Campus Missionary, Franklin, TN

Lisa speaks from the heart with enthusiasm and joy. Her excitement in studying God’s Word is contagious and her joy in sharing is tangible. She truly seeks to guide others toward a deeper, richer relationship with Jesus.
Ginger Beese
Global River Church, Wilmington, NC

Lisa’s message blessed me beyond words.  She described exactly where I am in my walk with Jesus.  I’m so thankful for her transparency.
Dana Hott
LifePoint Church, Wilmington, NC

When Lisa speaks to a crowd, she makes you feel she is sitting across the kitchen table talking directly to you. Lisa’s transparency has personally challenged my faith.
Joy Pirkel
Trinity Lutheran Church, Athens, GA

Knowing Lisa for more than 25 years, her story is truly God’s story … a story of how He can redeem and change a life that is truly surrendered to Him.  Lisa takes her listeners deep into a personal account of what daily walking with God is really like.
Nicole Holmes
Life Community Church

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