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Petite, perky, and fun.  And did I mention silly?  I love hot pink, Pride and Prejudice, and taking naps with my stuffed bunny rabbit, Jessie. God has blessed my life in many ways, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand pain and grief. On the outside, my life looks pretty perfect: a kind husband, two obedient, home-schooled kids who are not in college, and even an adorable puppy. But those who are able to look past my flashy outfit and coordinating jewelry find a woman who knows struggle intimately.

Over my 24 years of walking with God, I have experienced a thing or two. I can tell you about postpartum depression and panic attacks. I know the joy and grief that come with raising a child with autism. I know the pain of not one, but two best friends rejecting me. I have fought a daily battle with chronic migraine.

She looks perfect, but she surely isn’t.  My life is an open book, and if you’ll give me half a chance, you will see that I am just like you…relying on God’s grace just to get through today. God repeatedly asks me to be transparent in a way that is not comfortable for me. It is scary and hard, because you might not like what you see. But out of love for God and for you, I am willing to slide open the shower curtain of my life and let you take a peek at what I really look like behind the makeup, bright clothes, and flashy jewelry. And in seeing that I am imperfect, you will take a deep breath because that means that you can be imperfect, too! God hasn’t finished writing our story, and He is making us more and more like Jesus as we walk with Him.

God has given me a message for women – for you – and that message is this:  everyone else is struggling, too, sweetheart.  You are not the only one that looks “together” on the outside but is inwardly falling apart.  Jesus is not afraid of struggling women.  In fact, to those that are weary and burdened, He simply says, “Come.”

I am a Precepts Bible study teacher, a Stonecroft speaker, and a writer.  By my example of transparency, I help imperfect women discover the freedom to be authentic so that they can connect with other women and find hope in Christ. I want to encourage the fainthearted and strengthen the weak with God’s grace. My message is simple:  God’s grace is sufficient in your struggle and in your weakness.

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