Ministry Topics

You can choose from these Ministry Topics, or I can seek the Lord for His message for your women’s group.

How life leads to Christlikeness
Life is full of ups and downs, blessings and trials.  Join Lisa on this journey of understanding how our trials and suffering produce spiritual maturity in our lives. Scripture reveals that if we will persevere through trials, we will be made like Jesus through the trial.  Filled with rich Biblical insights, this message will inspire you that your struggles are not wasted, but good will come from them.

Working together as women
Comparison and competition have been a part of women’s lives since they first looked in a mirror.  Rachel and Leah were no different….Genesis describes Leah as having “weak eyes” but Rachel was “beautiful, beautiful.”  Even though one was preferred over the other, they both were instrumental in building the kingdom of God.  Drawing from rich Biblical teaching, Lisa will bring hope to any woman that has felt “less than” when compared to another.

It’s okay to grieve…
Lisa has learned great truths through parenting a special needs sone with autism. One of the truths she has learned is that even though we are content and thankful, it’s okay to grieve.  We all have broken dreams and unanswered prayers. Through this powerful message, Lisa  gives us permission to be honest about our lives and helps us to find hope in the midst of our messy lives.

What’s in your purse?  
This message will bring connection and community to your women’s group.  As Lisa shares the hidden things in her life by displaying the contents of her purse, women will find hope that no one is perfect.  Every women has flaws and imperfections that we hide from others.  Lisa’s vulnerability will break down walls of religion and perfectionism and will usher in new freedom in the lives of women.

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