I’m confessing my sin today…for all the world to hear

I’m making a list today and it is absolutely no fun.  In fact, I have been dreading it all week.  I’m preparing for a prayer ministry appointment (also called inner healing) and I’m making a list of sins to confess out loud.  Yep.  Sins. To. Confess.  MY sins to confess. Doesn’t that sound about as much fun a getting a double root canal with no novocaine?  You can tell that I am chomping at the bit to get started.


So, to answer your question, no, I am not Catholic.  This is not like confessing my sins to a priest to get absolution.  This is confessing my sins to someone in order to get freedom.  The biblical principle is found in James 5:16, “Confess your sons to one another and pray for one another so that you may be healed.”

As much as I hate it, it is something that I must do.

I mean, come on, who wants to tell people how awful they have behaved?  How petty they’ve been?  How they have been vain and prideful and arrogant?  These are things that we would much rather keep to ourselves.  We would like to maintain the appearance of goodness rather than expose our wicked heart of sin.  It is human nature for us to protect ourselves and keep our own personal darkness covered up.

But in darkness, the power of sin grows.  When sin is exposed to the light, it loses its power over us.  And then, healing comes.

So, in an act of bravado, I want to share my list of sins with you.  Even though I am a women’s ministry leader and an elder’s wife, I still struggle with sin.  Often, daily.  Just like you.  So here’s my list.  Sorry, I’m not including details!


Can your relate to any of those sins?  If you are human, then you have to say yes.  They are part of our fleshly reaction to others and to the enticements of the world.  We all struggle in these areas.  Even the Apostle Paul said that he did things he did not want to do!

For the good that I want, I do not do, but I practice the very evil that I do not want.  Romans 7:19

If you are struggling with sin like me, here are two things for you to do to help you get break free from the tyranny of sin:

1) Confess your sin to God.  Jesus came to bring forgiveness of sin, but first we have to confess our sin to God with a repentant heart.

“If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.  But if we confess our sin, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us of all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:7-8

2) Confess your sin to a trusted friend, mentor, or pastor.  This will be one of the hardest but bravest things that you will ever do.  But if you can do it, the power of that sin will be defeated in your life.  No longer can the enemy come to you in the night and accuse you and tempt you over that sin, because it will be out in the open.  Exposed.  Uncovered.  And the promise from James 5:16 is that when you confess your sin, then healing will come.

I will always hate confessing my sin because my prideful nature does not want to admit that I am a sinner.  But I have come to value my freedom and healing more than my reputation and appearance.  I don’t want sin to grow in my life so I choose to expose it.

Today, to the world.

What about you?  Is there sin that you are keeping hidden?  Talk to God, and I’m here if you’d like to talk to me. 









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