Five simple secrets to spend 15 minutes with God today

Many of us feel guilty for not spending time with God on a daily basis. We may not have a consistent “quiet time” or even a prayer life.  I don’t believe that God is in heaven taking attendance of who has been with Him today and who hasn’t.  Instead, He is just longing to spend time with you.  Read on to learn how to start spending 15 minutes with God each day


We are all at different stages of life and have varying schedules and demands placed upon us.  You may be a young professional in a big city working sixty hours a week.  Or you may be a young mother wiping runny noses and doing laundry all day long. Or you may be a teacher putting in long hours to serve your struggling students.

Where does time with God fit in?   It is true that to get to know someone you have to spend TIME with them. But how much time?  I don’t think God has an exact time quota that He wants us to meet each day.  What He is looking for is love and desire and communication.  Imagine, if you could spend just 15 minutes a day with God, over a week that would add up to almost two hours.  I think that God would be thrilled to spend two hours with you!

Here are 5 ways that you can spend 15 minutes with God TODAY:

1) Waking Thoughts – The alarm beeping can be an abrupt reminder that a new day has begun.  God promises that we have new mercies for each day.  So as your body and brain begin to wake up (yes, I know you haven’t had your coffee yet) spend a few minutes talking to God.

Thank Him for a new day and that you are alive to experience it.  Right now is a good time to lift up those friends and situations that you have verbally committed to pray about.  As your body and brain awaken, let your spirit awaken.  You have just spent at least 3 minutes with God.

2) Shower Confessions– The shower is one of the places that God speaks to me.  I am alone, I am relaxing in the hot water, and I have no screens to beep or vibrate or distract me.  It is me in my most vulnerable state – nakedness – and God has seen it all.

As you cleanse your body, cleanse your spirit, too.  This is a good time to confess sin and invite Holy Spirit to convict you of sin.  It is also a good time to lay your worries for the day at God’s feet. You’ve just spent another three minutes with God.

3) First Cup – That first cup of coffee or tea in the morning is a cemented part of your routine.  Why not add something else to go with it that you will eventually crave more than your steaming hot beverage?

Take that coffee or tea to a peaceful place.  Walk outside or sit on your porch or curl up in your comfy recliner.  Now that you are situated, just enjoy your cup of coffee in God’s presence.  You don’t have to say a word unless you want to.  Just sit with Him for a few minutes and enjoy His company.  I bet you’ve now spent ten minutes with God and you haven’t even left the house!

4) Lunch Love – As you arrive at lunch time, the peace you felt in the early morning time with God may be long gone!  Many things can happen to distract and frustrate you and steal your peace.  At lunch time, take 3 minutes or more to reconnect with God.  This would be a good time to read a short online devotional.   I recommend the Proverbs 31 Ministries blog or (In)courage.

5) Dinner Meat – It’s dinner time now and I hope you are safely at home and in your comfy jammy pants.  Find three minutes to read a passage in the Bible or read a devotional book.  We need the truth of God’s word to pierce our hearts and keep us on the right track.   My favorite devotional book is My Utmost for His Highest.  This book challenges me daily to not live for myself but to be broken bread and poured out wine for others.  Reading three short paragraphs in this book often leaves me in tears and repentance.

There, you have done it!  You don’t have to fall asleep feeling guilty for not spending any time with God today.  You have logged a full 15 minutes!  And He has loved every minute of them.  I am proud of you.  Do it again tomorrow!

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