Could it be true? Am I lovable?

We almost collided with each other in the ladies bathroom entrance. I was headed out, and my friend Alisha was headed in. Happy to run into each other, we started to talk. We continued our conversation as we left the church building, joined by Alisha’s friend, Jonathan. We hugged, said goodbye, and headed in different directions.

As she was walking away, Alisha said something to Jonathan that I overheard:

“I just LOVE her.”


I got in my car, letting Alisha’s words wash over me. I was dumbstruck and surprised by how these words affected me.  They were a deep salve to the core of my being.  I sat in my car for a few minutes, searching the recesses of my mind to discover why those words hit a funny bone in my soul.  They moved me. Then it hit me.

I was lovable.

Friendships are messy, and family relationships can often be full of drama. Through the course of life, we are rejected and it hurts.

Best friends betray us.
Husbands leave us.
Bosses fire us.
People unfriend us.
Women ignore us.
Children withdraw from us.

And after a while, these repeated rejections send a clear message to our hearts and rewrite our identity.  They tell us that we are unlovable.

Deep down in my heart, that was how I felt. Unlovable. So imagine my surprise to discover that I was, in fact, loved, and therefore, lovable.

Friend, if you feel the same way, I want to give you some hope. The fact that someone that you loved decided to withdraw their love does not define who YOU are. It says a lot about who they are. When someone decides not to love anymore, it does not mean that you are unlovable. Their rejection does not describe your identity.

You are loved wholly and completely by God.

I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore, I have continued to extend faithful love to you. Jeremiah 31:3

In fact, I can just imagine a conversation in heaven about you right now. God is sitting on the throne, and Jesus is at His right hand, and Jesus points down at you and says,

“I just love her.”

They talk about how amazing they made you, and the gifts, talents, and skills that you have.  They laugh about the silly things you have done and the scrapes they have rescued you from.  They proudly reminisce about the kinds things you have done for others.  They just love you!


In addition to love from God and Jesus, God will send you loyal friends to love you just like you are.  I have found that as some friends have drawn away, others have drawn closer.  Friendships shift. Often, unhealthy relationships end, and God gifts us with healthy friends instead. The pain of losing a friend hurts, but sometimes it is for the best.

If you are feeling unlovable, I want to tell you that it is simply untrue.

You are unique and priceless and rare and lovely. You are loved. And you are lovable.

Enjoy this video to remind you of your Father’s love.

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2 thoughts on “Could it be true? Am I lovable?

  1. This post is an encouragement me for us all. I’ve pinned your picture with the scripture and the video on my Encouragement board on Pinterest. Thanks for writing this piece it lifts one up. Write on!

    • Feeling unloved is a common struggle, for sure. Thanks for sharing the post on Pinterest so that others can be encouraged. 🙂

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