How a change of perspective can lead to happiness

I was cruising through the North Carolina countryside on two lane roads that wove between cow pastures and dilapidated barns. The early morning sun was streaming through the fall leaves, and there was a touch of fog shrouding the cotton fields. I was enjoying seeing the old timey farm houses and the huge bulls that loitered near the road. I was drinking my coffee, listening to podcasts, and taking in God’s goodness. It was a glorious morning.


Until a white SUV, just like mine, pulled out in front of me.

I went from my 60 mph down the country roads to a piddly 40 mph. And suddenly, I found that my Christian character was put to a test. I really wanted to spend some time in a coffee shop in Roxboro before my noontime speaking engagement, and this guy was holding me up.


I didn’t utter any obscenities, but my thoughts were not kind towards this slowpoke. I considered honking my horn, but my southern sweetness just wouldn’t let me. Every now and then Grandpa would speed up and I would be happy, but then for no reason he would drift back down to the speed of a Sunday afternoon pleasure ride. I was constantly looking for a place to safely pass him but the roads were too curvy.



Then I heard in my spirit, “Just slow down and enjoy the view.”

God was telling me to stop looking ahead, hoping for a way to get around Grandpa, and to slow down and enjoy the view instead.

Have you ever felt that way? Is there a dream or a prayer in your heart that seems far away, and your progress on achieving it is painstakingly slow?

Does your dream to go back to school seem impossible?
Do you wonder if you will ever get pregnant?
Does starting a business remain on a distant horizon?
Do you wonder if you will ever achieve God’s purpose in your life?

I feel the same way in my fledgling speaking ministry. Over two years ago, I started this blog, began building my platform, and made it known that I was available to speak. I sent postcards about my ministry to 100 churches in my hometown and surrounding communities.


And then I waited for the phone to ring, or for the email to ping, or for the text to ding. And what did I hear?

And more silence.
And more silence.
And even more silence.
Fifteen months of silence.

Since no one was contacting me, this past January, I begin contacting MOPS groups and to ask them if I could come and speak. Then I was asked to speak to a small group of a friend’s. Next I was invited to speak to a ladies group in Greensboro. And I trained to become a speaker for Stonecroft Ministries, opening up the door for more speaking opportunities.


It has been a very slow process. Much slower than I thought. I thought for sure that by now I would be consistently speaking at churches in Wilmington and North Carolina.

But God had a different plan.

It has been hard for me, but I’ve had to adjust my plans to His. I’ve learned how to find happiness in doing what I can right now… mentoring young women, making the announcements in my church, and writing blog posts. I’m learning to stop striving to make my plans come to fruition, and to slow down and adjust to God’s plans instead.

This has been hard for an impatient, ultra-planning, overachiever like me.

What about you? Is there a goal or milestone you feel like you should have achieved by now? Is there a dream in your heart that is languishing? Does it seem like at every turn, there is a roadblock, road construction, or a slow car pulls in front of you? The things that stall our dreams can be very frustrating and discouraging.

I want to encourage you to do what I did for many long miles on a country road. Instead of looking at the long road ahead of you between you and your desired destination, slow down and enjoy the view.  Take a baked good to your neighbor. Smile and talk to the cashier at the grocery store. Buy lunch for the homeless man who panhandles you for money. It may not be your goal or dream, but God has given you a beautiful view to enjoy right now.

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What is a goal or dream in your heart that seems so far away?  Leave a comment to share it with our CelebratingWeakness community.  Or, email me at  I would love to pray for you.

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