What if you don’t have a Pinterest-perfect life?

As my body woke up from a night of slumber, so did the constant fear that rolled over and over in my stomach.  I had recently completed a three minute speaker promo video and I had shared it with my family and friends, including a lot of pastors and ministry leaders. I even shared it on Facebook.  I was unsure how people would receive it.  I felt vulnerable. Exposed.

I was terrified of being rejected.


Vulnerability is a good weight loss plan

Vulnerability is a good weight loss plan.  Facing my impending doom, I couldn’t eat lunch or dinner.   My stomach was in knots from all of the butterflies fluttering around in there.  God had asked me to do something HARD, and I dreaded it all day long, sunup to sundown.  Like a lamb lead to the slaughter, I went to teach my Philippians Bible study.

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Sharing my weakness with you…5 minute video clip

Here is a 5 minute teaser for the Philippians Bible Study Week 3 video. The set up is that I am very vulnerable and I confess in a faith-filled room that I struggle to believe that God will heal my migraine headaches. It was a powerful moment. Many tears were shed and men and women alike walked out encouraged.   It goes along with the name of this blog: Celebrating Weakness.  Did you know that the same miraculous power that God sent to the church at Pentecost in Acts 1:8 is being perfected in our weakness?  Enjoy.

You can also go to my Vimeo channel at Vimeo.com/CelebratingWeakness to see a few more clips!  I will post the full video later this week.



Digging deep for a courageous heart

The stage lights are up and the stage sits empty, waiting for her to come up.  She is praying fervently in her seat that it will go well.  She looks to her husband and friend and whispers, “Pray for me.”  It’s almost time.  She studies her notes one last time and prays for God to give her the words to say.  And then it is time. The pastor of the church calls her up.  Her heart flutters as she hears his words:

“Lisa, come on up and make the announcements.”

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