I could never be as good as her

I sat with a group of beautiful women in the historic Hilltop House Restaurant in Fayetteville, NC. I was a visitor at the “Fayetteville Women’s Connection,” an outreach of Stonecroft Ministries. For the last nine months, I have been preparing to become a speaker for Stonecroft Ministries. During this time, I have written and rewritten my testimony – my story of how I came to know Jesus – to share with Stonecroft groups in the future.

The time we had all been waiting for arrived. The speaker stepped up to the podium. I was excited to hear her speak and to learn more about what a Stonecroft meeting was like. I began the meeting sitting on the edge of my seat, eager to learn.

She began her talk by engaging the audience by asking them their favorite Disney movies. Pretty soon she had us saying, when cued, “Once upon a time…” She smiled and nodded as she drew us in with her story. She was a dynamic speaker who had her thirty minute presentation completely memorized.


Who am I to think I have a ministry?

Four years ago, when my children were entering high school, I sought the Lord about what I was going to do when they were out of my nest.  One of the things He directed me to do was to attend Proverbs 31 Ministries “She Speaks” conference.  At that conference, I learned the steps I needed to take to have a speaking ministry.  For the past six years, I have spoken and taught at my church, but I felt like God was calling me to move outside the walls of my church and speak in front of more groups of women.


I’m courageously launching a speaking ministry

I remember the moment as if it were yesterday.  I was at a prayer meeting at my church.   For many years I went to a Friday morning prayer meeting, dragging along my homeschooling kids with their backpacks full of workbooks.  And now the children were entering high school.  I looked at them, and me, and them, and me, wondering what “me” would look like after “them.” What would I do when they left home?

God spoke to me three things, and like a good little type A personality, I made a list:
1) Become a trained Precept Inductive Bible study teacher
2) Attend “She Speaks,” the Proverbs 31 Ministries conference for speakers, leaders, and writers; and
3) Learn Spanish.speaking ministry