I like being an introverted overachiever with a touch of OCD

I was having such an amazing day until I got on Facebook.  I was enjoying a peaceful Friday morning working in my yard.  I did a heart check and realized that for the first time in a long time that my heart was healed, whole, and happy.  It felt great!  I had come through a tough week but I had pushed through and prevailed.

Earlier that morning I had posted on Facebook a 250 word “description” of myself that I had written for an upcoming conference.  And evidently someone took exception to how I had described myself.  There on Facebook, ready to burst my happy balloon, was an extensive comment about how I should not label myself and I should not this and I should not that and blah blah blah.


Don’t ever be ashamed of your personality

I had just done the most stupid thing ever.  I mean, in the history of Lisa, this one ranked with the dumbest.  I was making the announcements during our Sunday morning service, and I was describing how excited I get to make the announcements because I LOVE to hold a microphone. And in my zeal, I let out a squeal. Into the microphone.  Imagine a loud shriek, amplified around a room, zinging into your ears.  OUCH!

I was mortified!  I’m taking steps to become a professional Christian Communicator, and I know better than to squeal into a microphone.

I immediately started to apologize for my behavior.  I think before my short stint of holding the microphone was over, I apologized three times.  I walked off the stage feeling like a total failure, knowing I would NEVER be asked to make the announcements again.


The truth is that sometimes I don’t like being me

I have had a love/hate with my personality for 45 years now.  This came to a head recently when I was doing a “personal inventory” of my life for an upcoming speaker’s conference.  The questionnaire asked, “What is your greatest regret?”  As I considered many aspects of my life, my marriage, my parenting, relationships, profession, education, etc., I settled on this one thought.

My greatest regret is being me.