Do you ever pray “Jesus, take me now?”

“Jesus, take me now” I uttered as I slowly pulled the covers up and over my head.  There in the darkness, in the despair of my soul, I told my Savior that I was ready to be with Him.  I was ready to leave this earth and be translated into heavenly glory.  I selfishly didn’t care about anything else at the moment – my family, my calling, my responsibilities.   I only cared about escaping this present world and to immediately be in the perfection of the next.

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Peaceful living in spite of the threat of nuclear war

I jokingly blame a lot of things on my older brother, Scott. Being five years older than me, he loved to tease his little “see-ster.” For example, when I was in elementary school, I thought my nose was too big. Being a a gullible blond, I believed Scott when he said that my nose would get smaller if I would exercise it. I wiggled and wiggled my nose but it never lost any weight.

Scott was interested in everything military-related.  He had two uncles in the Air Force, which fueled his fascination.  Scott spent his time making model fighter jets and drawing ships and wearing camo and playing “war.”  We watched a lot of Hogan’s Heroes.  And in the seventies and early eighties, the US and Russia were in the midst of the Cold War, so Scott talked a lot about Russia and imminent threat of nuclear war.