I ditched my early morning appointment with God

I stared at the window, longing to go outside.  I could see the birds flitting from tree limbs to the bird feeders.  I could hear the sweet song of the cardinal at the top of the river birch tree.  I could see the water flowing in the fountains, the windchimes swaying, and the flowers blooming in my whimsical cottage garden.

And I was stuck inside.  I felt like I was the “princess in the tower,” locked in the upstairs bedroom and not allowed to leave. (more…)

How do we handle the burden of mommy guilt?

Beth Moore Bible studies are always life-changing for me.  Somehow the way she leads us through Bible passages and then asks heart-provoking questions leads me to truth.  In my Entrusted study of 2 Timothy, we looked at how Paul served God with a clear conscience and how Jesus’ sacrifice for us enables us to have a clear conscience, too.  And then Beth asked if there was an area where we had a guilty conscience.

I do.  It’s a heavy burden that I have carried around for nineteen years, from the day when I refused to nurse my newborn son because I had postpartum depression.  The staggering load that has weighed me down is mommy guilt.

Yes, mommy guilt.



Don’t feel guilty when you don’t share someone’s passion

Abortion.  Marriage.  Revival.  Israel.  Jesus’ 2nd Coming.   Adoption.  Healing.  Homelessness.

Which one are you passionate about?  Or are you passionate about none?  We probably all know someone who is extremely passionate in one of these areas.   Is something wrong with us if we aren’t, or if we are passionate in another way?

My church and city are filled with many saints who are passionate in one or more of these areas.   I know a lady who stands on the sidewalk near our local abortion clinic and declares life over the unborn.  I have a dear friend who is extremely passionate about praying for Israel and educating others about God’s heart for Israel.  I am great friends with an amazing couple who have 7 children (3 biological, 4 adopted) and they are in the process of adopting 4 more!  These are passionate people who inspire me in many ways.