A new year, a fresh start. I really need it.

I wrote this post a year ago – at the end of 2016 – but I have “sat on it,” as I often do, waiting for the right time to post.  I think its content is still applicable as we turn the leaf from 2017 to 2018.  I pray that it blesses you, even a year after it was penned.  

2016. How can we describe this year? From what I’ve seen my friends post on Facebook, we will all be happy to stand and wave goodbye to 2016. It was a year rife with political and racial tension. No one will miss the hateful and derogatory political memes and the internal struggle of how to vote. For my home state, we suffered an incredible natural disaster with Hurricane Matthew. In my church, we endured an awkward and painful change in staffing.

For me personally, this year was hard. Excruciating. Almost more than I could bear. I loathe conflict, and I had to have difficult, face-to-face conversations with quite a few people this year.  I’m thankful to say that my heart has healed from the lacerations of this year but the scars and memories have yet to fade. That’s why I will celebrate when we turn the paper or digital calendar to a new year. I’m ready for a fresh start.

Hasta la vista 2016…I won’t miss you one iota.