I ditched my early morning appointment with God

I stared at the window, longing to go outside.  I could see the birds flitting from tree limbs to the bird feeders.  I could hear the sweet song of the cardinal at the top of the river birch tree.  I could see the water flowing in the fountains, the windchimes swaying, and the flowers blooming in my whimsical cottage garden.

And I was stuck inside.  I felt like I was the “princess in the tower,” locked in the upstairs bedroom and not allowed to leave. (more…)

Are you a tree that will topple in the storm?

There is a major hurricane approaching the coast of North Carolina.  The latest models for Hurricane Matthew have it coming dangerously close to where I live in Wilmington, NC.  We’ve pulled out our hurricane preparedness lists and started to prepare.  My husband has gassed up the cars, filled some containers with water, and I, along with everyone else, have been to the grocery store.  We prepare while hoping and praying that it will not make landfall but instead will turn and go out to sea.