We are in a lifelong battle with “not good enough”

Earlier this year something happened that rocked my world.  It caught me off guard and totally shook my confidence.  It made me confused, it challenged my identity, and it left me feeling insecure.  It made me furious and it also made me cry.  Buckets.  And, although I hate to admit it, at one point I was even despairing of my life.  With one click a tidal wave of emotional drama was unleashed in my life:

I was unFriended on Facebook.

not good enough

This was not by a distant cousin or by a friend from high school that I haven’t seen in 25 years, but by a leader that I loved and respected and with whom I had to interact with on a regular basis.  As I looked longingly at all of the people who remained their Facebook friends, I felt left out.  Why couldn’t I be included?  What’s wrong with me?  As I looked at each smiling face of their Facebook friends, it was as if a knife was being gouged in my heart.   I was not good enough to be among them.

We are in a battle with “not good enough” our entire lives.

Our grades are not good enough to please your parents.
Our looks are not good enough to turn a boy’s head.
Our efforts are not good enough to get a degree.
Our homemaking skills are not good enough to please our husbands.
Our cooking skills are not good enough to please our kids.
The behavior of our children is not good enough to please our friends.
Our performance at work is not good enough to please our boss.
Our interpersonal skills are not good enough to make new friends.

“Not good enough” has left us as insecure, striving women who intensely long to be enough.

We want to be sufficient.
We crave acceptance.
We desire to be loved.

The belief that we are “not good enough” is a lie from the pit of *&#!.  The devil, the enemy of our souls, whispers a constant refrain that we are not good enough.   He latches onto our mistakes, our failures, and our inadequacies and whispers “not good enough.”  He highlights someone who is prettier or thinner or more talented than us and he whispers “not good enough.”  He highlights our intelligent, go-getter coworker and we hear once again, “not good enough.”

And then, when we blow it with our children, we hear, “Haven’t I been telling you that you aren’t good enough?”

Girls, we are good enough.  When God created us in our mother’s womb, He said that we were good.  Not just good enough, but good.  Period.  We are good enough for Him to send His son to become human for us.  We are good enough for His son to endure beatings and suffering and shame for us.  We are good enough for Jesus to die for us.

Jesus sacrifice for us screams that we are valuable, we are treasured, and we are loved.  We are good enough.

My goal is not to let a person determine if I am good enough, but to view the value of my life through the lens of God.  And in God’s eyes, I’m not just good enough, I’m amazing.  The value of my life is the value of God’s own Son.  And God accepts me, wholly and completely.  God will never unFriend me, no matter what I say or do.

Human love is conditional, but God’s love has no conditions.

Let that be your confession over your life this week.  When you don’t feel like you are good enough, declare over yourself that you are amazing.  Replace the lies of the enemy with the truth that you are valuable.  Find comfort in the unconditional acceptance of your Father in heaven, who will never forsake you, no matter what.

We are amazing, valued, and accepted.  You and me.  We are good enough.





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